List of public Delta Chat bots

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Public Delta Chat Bots

To verify the bot click the bot address in the table below.

To see the bot’s help try sending /help to the bots.

Address Description Language Administrator Web gateway, get URL previews and download files 🇺🇸 adbenitez Permite consultar la cartelera de la TV cubana 🇪🇸 adbenitez Conversational AI bot, talk to it in private 🇺🇸 adbenitez Miscellaneous bot 🇺🇸 adbenitez Deltaland, fantasy world, chat adventure, MMO game 🇺🇸 adbenitez File downloader bot, get files from the web to your inbox 🇺🇸 adbenitez FAQ bot, allows saving answer to common questions or #tags 🇺🇸 adbenitez Allows to subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds 🇺🇸 adbenitez Public super groups and channels (anoymous mailing lists) 🇺🇸 adbenitez Private groups bot 🇺🇸 adbenitez Get instant coding answers from Stack Overflow 🇺🇸 adbenitez Games store, allows to get Delta Chat games (Webxdc) 🇺🇸 adbenitez Search for song lyrics 🇺🇸 adbenitez Manga downloader bot 🇺🇸 adbenitez Get funny memes 🇺🇸 adbenitez Polls bot, allows to create and participate in polls 🇺🇸 adbenitez Allows to get link/URL previews and search the web 🇺🇸 adbenitez Mastodon/DeltaChat bridge 🇺🇸 adbenitez Allows to download sticker packs 🇺🇸 adbenitez Telegram/DeltaChat groups bridge (relay-bot) 🇺🇸 adbenitez Translate text to any language 🇺🇸 adbenitez Upload files to a cloud and get the download link 🇺🇸 adbenitez Convert voice messages to text 🇺🇸 adbenitez WriteFreely/DeltaChat bridge 🇺🇸 adbenitez Web to Image converter, take screenshots of web sites 🇺🇸 adbenitez Web to PDF converter 🇺🇸 adbenitez A bot to fetch comics from 🇺🇸 adbenitez